Classic with a twist

This was Festival Kortrijk 23016
The Chamber Players & Kortrijks Vocaal Ensemble directed by Wim Verdonck

Jesus' Blood Never Failed me Yet

This was Festival Kortrijk 2016
Brussels Philharmonic directed by Muhai Tang

This was Festival Kortrijk 2016
Bos! becomes Factory!

This was Festival Kortrijk 2016
Rondane Kwartet

Canto Ostinato

Enjoy the afterglow of Festival Kortrijk 2015!

Thanks for your presence!

From April 23 to May 10, 2015, more than 5,300 visitors enjoyed a voyage of discovery with concerts, sound art and film under the motto ‘Classic with a Twist’. This marks yet another step forward for Festival Kortrijk. We thank you very much for your presence, and wish to express a sincere 'thank you' to our partners as well for making the festival possible. Without wanting to forget our colleagues and volunteers who help us realise this wonderful project. A big thanks!

We hope to see you all again next year. Be sure to mark your calendars for F-2016: April 14 to May 1!

Enjoy the afterglow of the past edition with our photo book and Koen Moerman’s video reports.

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